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Gosh I cant let out the excitement enough. Even if I appear calm in this video I am bursting inside with joy. This birthday I got a few very unique presents! I decided to buy myself a present and get the Chanel sunglasses I have been wanting forever. They cost me a lot of money, but protecting these beautiful eyes is top priority! FTV also got me a present. I have been wanting to learn how to use a professional camera and maybe someday shoot like my photographer so FTV bought me my very own Nikon D80. Its a beautiful camera and I have already leaned a lot about it and now I will practice using it and hopefully really pick up on it! I was so excited about all the presents, and the fact that I am now actually 21....oh my it sounds too good to be true! That I decided to masturbate in my hot white dress, all sprawled out on the steps. It was a very strong orgasm, welcome to womanhood!