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A wonderful ocean sunset view from our hotel room, and notice how loud the birds are! Always around sunset, they come out in hordes and start chirping away. I guess they love to watch the sun go down too. I sit in the front porch, and start stripping down, playing with myself, and using a glass toy I got as a gift. There's people all over the balconies, so I'm quite nervous they'll see me, and my eyes drift around to make sure I'm not caught masturbating. To get myself into it, I go back to the very comfortable bed, and start penetrating myself very hard, and rubbing myself. I liked the sideways angle for a while, but what got me to orgasm was my fingers and the penetration feeling together. I'm soo juicy inside... you can hear it the whole time. That glass toy did get me sore though. Its so hard, and my cooter is not very used to big hard things.